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The evolution of interracial cuckolding as a fetish: from married couples to modern open non-monogamous relationships

Cuckolding as a sexual fetish originated decades ago. Its name comes from the cuckoo, which throws its eggs into the nests of other birds. That is, it was understood that a man was raising children from the one with whom his wife cheated on him. Therefore, spouses began to be called cuckolds, who receive sexual satisfaction by watching the betrayals of their partners. At some time, the interracial cuckold became polar and disturbing fantasies.

Why did interracial cuckolding and hotwife become popular?

We all know that at some point it became easy to find any adult video on the Internet, then amateur interracial porn also became popular. We can’t say that cuckolding came out of nowhere. At all times there were spouses who horned their husbands, someone knew about it, someone did not. Only over time it took shape in the sexual fetish of cuckolding.

But why did interracial cuckolds become popular in the USA? If we talk about the development of this fetish, then it is worth looking at the past. Who chose an interracial cuckold as the variety of their sex life? If you look at amateur materials, forums and websites, you will most likely see that these were older American couples.

These were people who even in their youth, found the oppression of African Americans and racial segregation. In this regard, interracial cuckolding has become perceived by couples as something new that was not allowed before. Sexual pleasure was the result of a taboo violation, which was doubled by the fact that couples violated 2 types of it at once:

  • taboos on interracial relationships that were accepted before;
  • taboo on adultery in marriage.

Therefore, when the interracial cuckold developed and took shape in the form of a fetish 30 years ago, these two aspects were the main ones.

But times are changing, and now with the development of the Internet, social networks and the revision of the field of family relations and marriage, everything is changing a little.

How has the modern world affected interracial cuckolding?

In the modern world many young people have changed their attitude towards marriage. Now more than ever, the number of non-monogamous marriages, open marriage is increasing. The same goes for race.

Despite the fact that there are conservative states in the US, the number of interracial marriages continues to grow. According to Gallup’s American Institute of Public Opinion Polls, the current level of approval for interracial marriage marks a new high in a polling history that spans more than sixty years.

Currently, 94% of American adults approve of marriages between blacks and whites; the previous poll in 2013 showed 87%. In 1958, when Gallup first asked this question, only 4% of Americans approved of interracial marriage. Since the 1960s, the approval rate has steadily increased.

What does it mean? The fact that in the modern world there is no longer such a thrill to violate the interracial taboo. This means that interracial cuckolding remains popular for other reasons.

If you look at the difference in approval of marriages by age, it becomes clear that the young population of the country aged 18-29 approves of interracial marriage more than people aged 50 and over.

So why is it that if people approve of interracial marriages, interracial cuckolding remains popular? Men continue to enjoy seeing their woman having sex with an African American’s larger penis, either because of their greater stamina or the sheer variety in skin color.

Now young couples are popularizing interracial cuckolding as a sexual fetish, a new kind of relationship, and not a violation of an ancient taboo.

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